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MORE MUSHROOMS!! here is another work in progress. I made another mushroom lady (well at least her head) and its a little bit different to anything I’ve made before. I was inspired my Javier Marin, who is one my my favorite sculptors, and he makes these “floating head” sculptures where bust is upside-down and the hair is the base. So I wanted to try something like that, but make it my own. I may do more works like this in the future it was a fun piece to make

New WIP! go check it out!

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New work in progress on a new series I’m working on. This is my lotus blossom lady with the seeds growing out from her skin. Sorry if you are trypophobic, it freaks me out too, carving it, physically and conceptually, was a very strange, tedious, yet satisfying process. I can’t wait to finish her and I hope she makes it out alright (fingers crossed)

Hey this is my new work (finally). check it out!

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Beth Cavener Stichter and Alessandro Gallo Collaborate on Ornate Sculpture

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on February 24, 2014

Beth Cavener Stichter’s (Hi-Fructose Vol. 26 cover artist) sculptures have an intensely-visceral quality. The ceramic animals she hand-builds demonstrate an human-like sense of understanding with their sensitive gazes and anthropomorphic eyes. But despite their thoughtful countenances, these characters are also perfectly at home in their animal skins. Cavener Stichter’s work does not shy away from the brutality of the animal world, from its untamed sexuality to its endless cycle of predator and prey.

She recently collaborated with Italian artist Alessandro Gallo (previously featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 24), who embellished her latest sculpture, Tangled Up in You, with painted tattoos reminiscent of traditional Japanese tattoo art. The 65-inch-tall sculpture (15 feet total, from the top knot of the rope to the floor) shows a lanky rabbit intertwined with a snake in mid-air. It is unclear whether the two figures are caught in a struggle to the death or a passionate embrace. Tangled Up in You is currently on view at the Milwaukee Museum of Art. Take a look at some detail shots of the elaborate piece as well as some photos of Cavener Stichter in her studio.

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Ma Jun (b. 1974, Quingdao, China)  Porcelain Art from New China series. Info with pics.


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Danny Meisinger
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Ceramic Artist:

Kate MacDowell 


Hand Built Porcelain, Mixed Media

9” x 3 ½” x 2 ½”

6 / 2010

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©Daniel Naudé, Group of Ankole cattle. Kiruhura district, Western Region, Uganda, 2012


©Daniel Naudé, Group of Ankole cattle. Kiruhura district, Western Region, Uganda, 2012

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CA Katy recently visited the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, PA to check out their new exhibition Transformation 9: Contemporary Works in Ceramics. The works pictured are just a few of the standouts from the exhibition, but there are many more great pieces on display. If you are in the Pittsburgh area, this show is definitely not to be missed. For more information, you can check them out at their website or right here on Tumblr

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